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  • Reviews, perks, real-money play and features of new Siberian Storm machine

    Reviews, perks, real-money play and features of new Siberian Storm machine

    “Siberian Storm” slot machine is unique due to the possibility to win in 720 ways. This machine has an unusual design and is decorated with the image of a white tiger. High-quality graphics and sound of the gaming machine allow the gamer to get maximum pleasure from the game.

    The design of “Siberian Storm” is standard: five reels and 720 paylines. White colors are used, mainly, in the pokies’ design which resembles the coloring of the tiger and its habitat. The symbols of the gaming machine are bright and well-drawn: a gilded claw; a mighty tiger, the eye of a tiger; an ordinary tiger, an emerald ring and, of course, a logo with the inscription “Siberian Storm”.

    The Wild symbol, the function of which is performed by the wild tiger in the game, and the scatter symbols are special symbols with special functionality. “Siberian Storm” slot, belonging to the family of “Fire Horse” machines, has a high payout percentage – about ninety-six percent.

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      50 per line

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      50 per line



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    Betting features of Siberian Storm slot machine

    Siberian Storm is good, as well as all gaming machines developed by IGT. In order to start the game, the gambler has to set the coin value that will be used. The minimum possible bet is fifty credits and the bet is set automatically. A big bet is being compensated by the number of active lines. The gaming machine is created for playing big money. The amount of bets and nominal value are set in the interface of the slot machine. The AutoPlay mode available in a Siberian Storm gaming machine is especially useful for those who don’t want to be distracted from the game during important issues.

    The Siberian Storm has the MultiWay Xtra option which allows making your game even more profitable. The feature allows you to win even when from one to several symbols are opened on the paylines. It is worth noting that the combinations are read from two sides in the slot – from right to left and from left to right.

    Siberian Storm free play and the real money play

    Siberian Storm free play and the real money pla

    In order to enjoy the game on the Internet, the gambler must initially decide what value must have his or her bet. The lowest amount is 50 credits. Despite the fact that this amount can scare off a certain contingent of gamblers, this bet allows you to obtain big wins with the help of 720 lines.

    The system is aimed at gamblers who prefer to play for large sums. At the same time, a number of virtual casinos provide a real opportunity for newbies to participate in the game at lower stakes.

    With the help of the appropriate options, it is easy to set the denomination of coins and the amount of the bet. An additional advantage, especially for inexperienced players, is the automatic game function.

    If you haven’t yet decided whether you are ready to play for real money, try the demo version of the game. It will provide you with the possibility of Siberian Storm slot free play. We are sure that after testing this gaming machine, you will start a real game for real money.

    In addition, the Siberian Storm gaming machine has a unique option called “MultiWay Xtra”.

    With its help, the participant of the game will benefit even in the case when one or more symbols, as well as their combinations, are on the paylines which the player has placed the bet on.

    Thus, the probability of getting a larger amount increases significantly.

    Gaming perks and benefits when playing Siberian Storm pokies

    Siberian Storm pokies will provide players with great opportunities to get generous bonuses. You won’t stay indifferent when playing this gaming machine.

    In particular, the slot allows you to win additional free spins. It’s not difficult at all to obtain such bonuses. A gambler has to get five icons of the “tiger’s eye” on each reel. The order they appear on the reel does not matter.

    In addition, there is a real opportunity to get more gratis spins during the bonus spins of the reels of Siberian Storm free slots. The maximum number of free spins for a player can reach up to two hundred.

    Finally, especially for fans of virtual casinos, the creators of Siberian Storm have developed a bonus, which provides the gamblers with the possibility to get adjacent wild symbols.

    It is being gained if you’ve got a scatter image on the reels of the gaming machine. It is the scatter symbol that gives access to the above-mentioned bonus.

    The total number of wild symbols provides a gambler with a real chance for success and getting a bountiful winning.

    In other words, the Siberian Storm gaming machine fully takes into account the interests of the gambler and creates the most comfortable conditions for enjoying the gamble and a huge amount of money, of course.

    Are Siberian Storm free slots available for mobile devices?

    Are Siberian Storm free slots available for mobile devices

    The Siberian Storm gaming machine has a virtual version on the Internet, obtainable in the online casinos. At the same time, the specialists of “International Gaming Technology” didn’t develop a version of the Siberian Storm free slot machines for mobile devices.

    Thus, when you see the versions of “Siberian Storm” or very similar gaming machines for iPhone or Android devices, you should know that they have nothing to do with the developers of this gaming machine.

    The related developments are ordinary duplicates of the original version which are adapted to iPhone and Android mobile devices by other people.

    Conclusion on the Siberian Storm gaming machine

    Siberian Storm slot is available in many online casinos. It is very important to remember that there are no applications for iPhone and Android devices. So, having seen versions for Android and iOS mobile devices, the gamer should understand that this is the development of third-party companies.

    Siberian Storm pokies don’t disappoint the fans of gambling, as a rule. Bonus rounds and free spins available after three tiger eyes appear on the playing field can significantly enrich the lucky player. If you get a desirable combination during free spins, you can receive the prize again and you can bring the number of free spins up to two hundred.

    Themed free pokies Siberian Storm invite gamblers to make an exciting adventure full of risk and excitement. The design of the gaming machine and the interface are harmoniously combined and they create a suitable atmosphere in the game. Enjoy the atmosphere of harsh Siberia and win big sums with the generous video slot Siberian Storm that has unique gameplay.

    Have you already tried to play this gaming machine? What is your impression? Can you advise it to other players? Don’t be shy to share your opinion.

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