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  • Find bonuses, symbols and extra features of Lock it Link Pokies

    • Find bonuses, symbols and extra features of Lock it Link Pokies

      There are four jackpots which are progressive in nature when we deal with the Lock it link games. The pokies expose gamers, both old and established, or new and Wide-eyed to getting interesting features such as the free pokies Lock it link offers, or simply free slots.

      The Lock it link slot machine was previously in abundance in the brick and mortar casinos, requiring gamers to register with, and join gaming groups which then facilitated their gaming. Not anymore! Gamers can now experience these vibrant colors again and again just by taking part in the Lock it link series of games online. No need to travel thousands of miles to have an exciting gaming experience with Lock it link.

      The Lock it link franchise is what one would call a 5-reel pokie which has up to 50 paylines and jackpots which spread up to 4 different multi levels. The jackpots however, are not the mainstay of the game, since the pokies alone was offer gamers with such excitement that they could not possibly have on their own, even with the jackpots. The interesting features offered by Lock it link include a feature named after the pokies themselves. There is also the chance to win Lock it link free slots and spins, as well as multiple options of wild symbols and multipliers. You really cannot miss it, as it would be right in your face, giving you all the fun you have ever wanted, almost free of charge. It does not get much better than that.

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      Minimum Bet

      0.5 per line

      Maximum Bet

      50 per line

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    Overview of the Lock It Link Pokies

    The first thing you see when you choose Lock it link is the background which has a cool number of backgrounds featuring the city life, especially the life of the rich and famous. The night life version of the Lock it link series does have these enthralling images of skyscrapers, calm waters and all things depicting a good life. There are symbols used, named after letters of the alphabet which each have their own associations. For example, letters from J-A were reserved for people within the game who had a lower class and secluded lifestyle.

    Another thing you might want to pay attention to is the paytable. The paytable has what is referred to as ‘regular payouts’ are relatively low. The maximum amount a person can stand to win is $135. This means that this pokie is a low risk, low reward pokie. Although it is easy to win, the winning amounts are not so encouraging. You won’t expect up to a thousand dollars following one spin. This mean that, you should simply pick an amount that is well within your means and begin to play the game merely for the fun of it, and not for any miracles.

    The Symbols and Their Meanings

    The Symbols and Their Meanings

    Just like any other gaming franchise, it is easy to see several symbols on the game, each carrying a special meaning or performing a specific role in the game. These symbols also somehow dictate how much you can win, by having attached to them, maximum payouts which you will be able to cash out once the symbol is in play.

    The symbols can stretch with maximum payouts from $45 up to $90 dollars. What you need to do is ensure that you’ve gotten a row of 5 of any of these symbols, and you’ve got yourself a winning! As easy as gaming could ever get!

    1. The Wild Symbol.

    This usually comes in the form of a shiny coin that is gold in colour which appears quite often. It can play several roles like

    • Be a substitute for all the other cards and symbols.
    • Complete combinations if you manage to create a row of two or three of the Sam wild symbol.
    • It can bring out the basic winning value of any other special symbol. Five of the wild. symbols automatically mean you are winning the maximum payout amount of $135 with the Lock it link free slot machines.

    2. Bonus symbols.

    These symbols are used when you intend to win a progressive jackpot. They are found on only three reels: 2, 4 and 3. Once you see them, you stand a chance of choosing a feature for gaming. You will be asked to choose between 6 free pokies lock it link spins or one lock it link feature. You should choose carefully as a wrong choice could easily end your game and spoil your chances of making any wins. You should simply let your luck work for you, and then see how it pays out. Most of the time, gamers are really lucky.

    3. Lock it link free spins.

    Lock it link free spins.

    Since the slots are progressive, if you had chosen 6 free spins in your previous game when faced with the bonus symbol, it is easy to enjoy that feature in the next game. What’s more? Each of the winnings from those free slots mean 3x the winning amount. If you manage to get free spins with wild symbols, your gaming will just increase by several amounts. Meaning, you will get up to 8 times the winning amount. These are the features that make playing with the Lock it link easiest.

    Progressives and What You Should Know

    Playing progressives with the Lock it link slot free play should be easy. All gamers need to do is to choose the Lock it feature when choosing on the main selection page. On the reels, gamers would be able to see the sums of all the jackpots, each having a tag next to them. Examples are:

    1. Mini- $1800.
    2. Minor- $4500.
    3. Major- $90000.
    4. Grand -$ 225 000.

    These are definitely something to look out for, especially the fact that you get a free spin at the very beginning of the game. You will at least make away with one ruby love symbol. They all have a random cash prize you should look forward to receiving. Once you get the ruby hearts, you should look forward to a golden love symbol. This brings you closer to winning the jackpot. If you are indeed lucky and the RNG rules in your favour, the next symbol you will get would be the grand, minor, mini or major jackpot symbol, then you instantly make away with lots of money. The gaming experience is just like that. If unfortunately you get no jackpot symbols, you will just continue playing and getting the hearts, only you will get less money than if you chose the free spins. You can’t have it all, unfortunately. This is why it is important to play carefully and smartly.


    For any gaming with a rush of adrenaline and the opportunity to win insane amounts to replenish your bank account, at the same time, have an amazing amount of fun, you are definitely not lost. Lock it link is indeed the game you should try, and then definitely, you will get the gaming experience of a lifetime. Get the Lock it link gaming experience now, and prepare to enjoy gaming like never before!

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